Short cut Keys are a way of Life!

There is little in the computing world that I enjoy better than shortcut keys. The mouse is to be avoided at all times. It slows you down, makes you weak. Like a frail old woman, with large bulbous fingers. Shortcut keys are one reason I like the Mac system so much. It’s full of standardized shortcuts that make me pen italian sonnets to show my love for them.

Note: I’ll use “apple” for the command key (the one with the apple on it)
and “ctrl” for the control key, because I’m lazy.

apple + c — copy
apple + x — cuts
apple + v — pastes
apple + z — undo (if available)

In the Finder (Desktop):
apple + tab — can switch between open applications very easily.
apple + h — hides an application
apple + q — quits an application
apple + w — closes windows
apple + delete — deletes item
shift + apple + delete — empties trash
shift + apple + n — makes a new folder
shift + apple + a — opens up to the “applications” folder

In Firefox:
apple + t — opens new tab
apple + n — opens new window
apple + w — closes current tab / window
ctrl + tab — switches between tabs
apple + l — highlights URL so you can go to a new location
apple + r — reloads page
/ — search on page — very helpful. try it now. do it.

General Text:
apple + left / right arrow — move to far right / left of line
apple + shift + left / right arrow — select all to the left / right

This is barely scratching the surface, but it’s a good start.
Here’s a link to apples shortcut site: ClickMe

What’s your favorite shortcut?


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