Podcasts are good for you.

Podcasts are getting even bigger and cooler, so I thought I might mention them. The latest iTunes program (4.9) comes with built in support for the downloading and management of podcasts. Also the latest firmware of ipods (you are updating your firmware right?) include support for podcasts as well.
But what is a podcast? According to the coolest online encyclopedia around, wikipedia.org, Podcasting is a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet.
Basically, a podcast is a radio show that is online instead of the radio. This method of distribution, the Internet that is, makes it possible for just about anybody to make a podcast for their own. That being the case, it is far more likely that you find a podcast that perks your interest rather than a true radio show.
Another benefit to podcasts over real radio, is that you can listen to your podcasts at any time you want. And if you have a ipod (where podcasts get their name) then you can listen to them where ever you want as well. If you want you can listen to them over and over again, as they are downloaded to your harddrive just like a song in itunes.
And best of all, almost all of them are free, and pretty simple to use.
So thats why you need to start listening to podcasts. Next post, I’ll describe the procedure used to “subscribe” to a podcast from itunes.


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