Podcasts and itunes

So, you’ve downloaded the most recent version of itunes and installed it right? Good.
Open the program, and look around a bit. What we will be interested in is the new menu item that says “Podcasts” with that wierd purple icoon next to it. Click on it to take you to the podcast menu.
You will see an empty library as you have not gotten any podcasts yet, right? right.
In the lower left had corner of the main window you will see a link titled “Podcast Directory”.
Click on that, and you’ll be wisked away to the podcast section of the music store.
On the left you will see “Today’s Top Podcasts” and in the center is a few podcasts that apple wants to showcase for whatever reason.
Today’s Top section is a great place to look for good podcasts, as there are alot of crappy ones, and sometimes its hard to tell what’s worth downloading and whats not.
So try clicking on one of the top podcasts. I’ll try the “Ebert & Roeper” movie review one.
That will take you to a page where you can gain some more info about your podcast of choice.
In the lower section, you will see the podcasts that are availible for download. To the upper right is a link to the podcast’s website. And near the center, is a button that says “Subscribe” click on that.
FYI the word “subscribe” isn’t a very good choice as it implies that you will be purchasing something, like a magizine. But I ensure you most of these are free. They should have gotten a better word for that, or made up one of their own… like “Podscribe” or “Podgrab” or whatever.
They will pop up a little message asking “are you sure?” and click ok to start getting your podcast!
So it will return to your podcast library, but NOW you will actually have a listing in your directory. And your itunes will be churing to download your new podcast. Once it gets done, you can start listening to your hip new podcast right now.

To mess a little more, click on the “settings” button in the lower left hand corner, and see what you can see. I like changing the the “Keep:” option to “All unplayed episodes” but thats just cause I don’t want to fill up my new ibooks hard drive. But you do what you want.

IF you get bored with your podcast, or pick a lemon, simply select “unsubscribe” and its gone.
On the otherhand, if you want more of your podcast, click on the little black arrow next to it’s name and you can select other episodes to “GET”
so go getting!


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