My own Network Topology

Instead of studying for finals, I decided to create a little diagram of my network at home. I used the trial version of OmniGraffle Pro, with some free downloadable stencils to make a pretty accurate mapping of what we have here.

OmniGraffle is actually a pretty nice program, and with a little work, you could do a lot with it.
But I don’t think I’ll ever use it enough to justify the $129 price tag. That’s a bit much, in my opinion, I’ll just stick to the trial version.

In the diagram, the little black boxes represent WRT54g routers, and the little white box is a little Linksys switch I have. Everything on the top line is in my office upstairs. The hardware on the lower level is downstairs (well the iBook can go anywhere).

If you wanted to, you could create much better maps then this one, but in about 30 min. this is what I came up with.

So what does your Network look like?

(FYI I had to use the capture-screen-image feature of my Mac to get a version of this in an image format, as the export feature dosen’t seem to work for the demo. Plus you can only add 20 objects, so I couldn’t fit my printer on there.)


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