Trick for printing graphs in Microsoft Office

My wife recently came up with a very intelligent way to print
multiple Excel graphs on one page, without dealing with formatting
issues in Word, or anything goofy like that. There is probably–
should be– a built in way to do this, but I haven’t used Excel enough
to know it, and this works fine.

She wanted to have four Excel graphs on one page, to save paper and
because it looks nice. So she simply copied each graph and pasted
them into an empty Powerpoint slide. There is a default Powerpoint
template that allows for a graph and a title. If you double click on
the graph place-holder Microsoft opens up its crappy graph maker,
which does you no good. BUT, if you single click on the place-holder
and then paste, your graph will fill up the entire slide. You can
decide if you want to keep the title or not.

When she had all of her graphs on different slides, she went to print,
and then chose the four slides on one page printing option. Genius!
Everything was lined up right and all it takes is a little copying and

Again, I played no part in this unique solution. I actually wasted
time trying to figure out a way to print graphs in Excel, but to no

I don’t know how often anyone needs to print multiple graphs to a
page, but you could also apply it to pictures or other similar
objects. Even better, print it to a pdf file, then load it back onto
a slide and you can print 16 graphs on one page! Genius!

This brings up the fact that I’m dying to have a native, Apple built,
Cocoa Office suite for the Mac. Please! Microsoft Word is slow,
jittery, goofy, and lazy. And the other Office products aren’t much
better! Pages is nice, but it really is for laying out interesting
documents, and not lab reports or regular everyday stuff. Open
office is coming, but not really here for the Mac yet, and I would be
happy with just Text Edit, except when I need to use tables, graphs,
pictures, etc.

Please Apple Hurry!


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