Sage symbolFor my wife’s birthday, she wanted to redo our spice rack with glass bottles and spices that she might actually use (I guess Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t up on the necessary spices for cool hip twenty-somethings).  I got the idea that it would be cool if each spice was labelled with a recognizable symbol for easy retrieval from the rack without having to squint at the names of each one.

Enter . This is an amazing online database of around 2,500 symbols and their origins and meanings.  What is cool is that you can search in a multitude of ways, my favorite being the “graphic index” search in which you describe the structure of the symbol you want and it comes back with a listing of the most probable matches.

I didn’t use the search too much though, just browsing through the symbols was cool enough.  It was hard choosing the right 16 for the spice rack, but I think I did a decent job.

We will find out in a few days when the labels finally come in.  Stupid Office Depot only carries a small circular label — and I needed a medium!

The Symbol above is the one I choose to represent “sage”.  I think it matches up pretty well.  Read about it Here.


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