Rate My Clothes

Today we visited the local clothing resale shop, the Arizona Trading Company, for some hip new threads. We also tried the trade-in option for the first time with some clothes that were going to the thrift-store anyways.

It was kind of an odd feeling as we waited for the woman behind the counter to decide what the store would accept and what we would have to lug back home. All the clothing I had brought in I don’t wear anymore because of sizing errors on my part when I purchased them from the thrift store (its easy to get button-downs that are too big and not really realize it when you’re doing it).

But I would wear them if they fit me. I thought most of it was pretty cool stuff. But while she pawed through our sacks, refolding those items unfit for the ATC, it felt as if my entire wardrobe was being judged by the hippest-of-hip townies. I got nervous while she worked.

Not that I try really hard to get only cool clothes, but I have been making more of an effort recently to dress a little like the groovy kids.

That’s why I felt a little let down when I saw the “not-accepted” pile and realized that she chose almost nothing to keep. It felt like a rejection letter from the townies informing me of my non-coolness.

I guess that’s ok, I don’t really want to be a townie anyways.


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