Favorites added

Check out my new favorites section on the wordpress blog.

It comes with my own kickin’ icons, and a free frogurt (that’s good).

I’ll probably end up switching over to wordpress completely, and then maybe host my own blog, if / when I get the hardware to do it.

For now, check out the wordpress blog, and any comments / critiques are most welcome.

I really like the idea of using recognizable icons whenever possible, so that’s what I did


One Response to Favorites added

  1. matt says:

    stick with wordpress, the functionality seems to be head an shoulders above blogger. plus I like the extra stuff like the favorites page, and the review of the coffee shop. The girlfriend and I have been talking about stopping by there for a long while but it across town for us. Does it have the free wifi???? That could be a deal breaker.

    keep up the posting! :)

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