Blender my new Buddy

I recently acquired a 1.5 Ghz Pentium 4 from the donation pile at work.  This is now my second fastest desktop, and so I wanted to do something useful with it.  I decided to set it up with the latest version of Ubuntu and use it to power the colaboration efforts of our JAVA development.

Ubuntu is really a nice distro, and I can see why it’s becoming so popular.  Once you get a feel for where everything is, you can easiliy get it to do what you want, fast.  There isn’t a lot of the grunt work that a lot of other UNIX based systems make you do.

Anyways, one program I installed on this machine that has been taking a very large chunck of my time recently is a 3d modelling aplication called ‘Blender‘.

I was worried about how we were going to get images for our isometric  game, so I thought if we could make a 3D model of our units, then we could get all the still images we want.

This is probably a bit overkill, but it gives us a lot of flexibility.  And with Blender, even though I’m no artist, I’ve found I can make at least decent looking models which we can use.

The theme we’ve kind of decided on is one dealing with navel battles, specifically, pirates!  So here is a pirate ship.  This is actually the 1st one I made .  We now have a set of 3 pirate ships which I think we can do something with.  And my group members seem to agree.

If you have any inkling to do 3D modelling, check out Blender.  While it is a bit confusing to learn (the video tutorials really helped me) once you get the hang of it, it becomes intuitive.  And it’s really fun.

If any one wants to try their hand at a pirate ship, I’d be more than happy to include it with the rest of the group. wink.


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