Heidi Is Moving On

Sorry for the lack of updates.  School eats away at energy, time, and creativity.

Just a personal note:  This Sunday is Heidi’s last at Our Saviour Lutheran.  She is moving on to bigger and better things over at Christ Lutheran.

So that’s pretty exciting.  I think this will be a very good experience for her, and that she’ll get to impact a lot more people’s lives like she did mine.  Plus, pastor Jeff is a cool guy, and should be fun to work with.
I’ll try to work up some more posts soon, as soon as I think of something smart to say.  In the mean time, Blogera has  some good battles on her site you should check out (if you can stand the Xanganess of it)


One Response to Heidi Is Moving On

  1. matt says:

    Send Heidi and Tim my congrats on the new gig, but bummer that she is moving on. So it goes!

    Do you know of anyway to add a Xanga feed to netnewswire without having to join Xanga? My little brother has a Xanga account and I love to subscribe, and maybe to Blogera as well…just not through Xanga.

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