New Keychords to know

Spent a bit of time figuring out some new short-cut-keys to make life all the more efficient on the mac.

The first new shortcut is a way to move around in text.

I have been using the command+left / right arrows to go to the front or back of a text line for some time. It’s a really nice way to quickly get around in paragraphs. But there are times when you need to get to the middle of a line quickly. So for this, I just found new short-cuts to jump through a line, one word at a time:

alt + left / right arrow.

Combine this with the shift key, and you can highlight one word at a time. Pretty nice.

Another handy use of the alt key is clicking on hyperlinks in web pages. Some times you don’t want to view the link, you want to download it (i.e. pdf’s). alt + mouseclick will download the link to your disk drive. A quick alternative to right-clicking (ctrl-clicking) and selecting “save link as…”

Finally, I have been looking for sometime now for a shortcut to canceling out of system prompts like the one pictured above. Well, this might not be an end-all solution, but it’s a good start:

command + .

Will select the cancel option automatically and close the prompt.

For other programs, when a prompt comes up that asks if you want to “save”, “don’t save”, or “cancel”, the options seemed to be mapped to:

command + . = cancel
command + d = don’t save
command + s = save

I’m not sure it these work for all prompts yet, or if only for those implemented in cocoa, but it’s a good start. Now I just need to figure out the password remeber shortcuts in Firefox…


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  1. oldokie says:

    my comment is expressed as a symbol which has not as yet been invented

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