Welcome, G4, to your New Home


Thanks to a very generous group of people, I now have in my possession a lovely new (for me) Power-mac G4.

It's a bit slow (400 MHz) but its running Tiger just fine. I looked this particular model up in MacTracker and it looks like it is a pretty decent machine.

What I plan on using it for is to combine all my server processes into one machine. Up until now, I had been using two computers to handle various tasks: web server, printer server, backup server, ftp server, afp server. The two machines I used before were a very old / slow machine running FreeBSD, and my newer 1 GHz Ubuntu box.

Printer sharing was a pain to set up in FreeBSD. That seemingly simple process took me probably a week to get it up and going. With Mac OS X, all the processes were set up simply by going into System Preferences and checking some boxes.

My afore mentioned custom backup system needed to get setup again on the new machine, but that wasn't difficult as Mac OS X already has rsync on it. I did have to add a new hard-drive in it, as the 10 gig default doesn't give much extra storage space, after the OS install. Hopefully that disk drive will last for awhile, but they are pretty old.

With all the excitement of the new Intel based Macs, it was kind of fun to be just as excited with a machine built in 1999.

My favorite feature of the PowerMac: The built in speaker. Combine this with iTunes and the "say" command and you get endless opportunities, like setting an alarm and have iTunes play me a song in the morning. Or press a button and have my Mac tell me the current time… or even the current temperature! Pretty exciting stuff. I'll have to play around with some scripts and see how much my Mac will tell me.


One Response to Welcome, G4, to your New Home

  1. matt says:

    Jim, you are going to love this machine. I have one that I picked up from my boss for very cheap and I have been using it as my main machine for over a year now. Once I get my Macbook (hopefully this next month) it is going to move behind the TV to become my PVR as well as print and music server. I can’t wait!

    Also, I put a processor upgrade in it for around 200 bucks and it boosts the speed up to around 1.2GHZ. You can really feel the difference. I’ll try to find the brand I used as it has worked great!

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