Explore the Census!

April 27, 2005

This is a very cool site that one of my RSS feeds just alerted me of. Basically, they have put much of the 200 census into an interactive map form that you can zoom in and change what your looking at all really easily. Just select “Census 2000 maps” and pick what you want to look at and you are ready to go. I liked the “Foreign-Born Place of Birth” option a lot. You can pick out patterns in communities which is actually pretty interesting.

Plus you can zoom in to a very specific area, which is very nice (you can even see street names!).

Here is an image of the Foreign-Born Koreans living in Hawaii in 2000. Each red dot represents 10 individuals. The green circular areas are supposed to be military establishments. So you can see there is a definite pattern to be seen.
(I did this to show that you can get to Hawaii / Alaska, but you have to zoom out from the first map, and then zoom back towards the ocean until you find it.)

Another cool map I looked at was the number of individuals using public transportation in the greater Kansas City area. It really is a testament to the horribly crappy public transportation system we have there. It sucks.

But this site is very cool. and informational too!
here’s the link directly to the Census 2000 section:

What maps did you find? make a slideshow of them!